Which mask is better CGP or Chris Morgan?

Just curious which mask you think is better. I’m really having hard time picking up a good Michael Myers mask for myself that isn’t TOTS, but these ones look the best from what I’ve seen. (Halloween 1 mask)

I’m in the same spot, I’m now between a Nag Castle 75K and a Creep, still evaluating both of them

I’m new to this forum. But been a fan of HalloweeN all my life. I agree a lot of great masks I’ve seen on eBay and this forum are by Chris Morgan, but seems to be some sort of issue folks have with him? Can anyone explain?

Personally I prefer CGP. Thick masks and good quality finishing work.


Maybe because Chris Morgan is a scumbag recaster, and attacks pretty much everybody, even the people who buy from him? He’s a manipulator and an extortionist who makes up lies about everybody. But hey, if you want to buy stolen goods, and hang around with scum, be my guest. Just don’t be surprised when people call you scum in return.



The guy has been blacklisted from every single corner of the hobby except his own. He’s a known pathological liar.

CGP makes the best Warlock. The Creep is amazing once you get it overhauled. Anything that comes from Nik is amazing right out of the box. Go with NAG.

According to my good friend Jay who a lot of people know on here he said Morgan bought molds from CGP.

I would recommend the nightowl creep. Ik its not a cgp or chris morgan mask, but its still a great h1.

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2018 Fear

What is CGP?

Cemetery Gate Productions

Terry has the best IMO

I could not agree more!

Cgp for sure!

So I have had dealings and masks from all 3. Without a doubt the best experience and mask imo is the Ghost 78 V2 I got from Chris Morgan. The mask is high quality. Nice thick pull - and looks amazing imo. Chris I do see gets some hate on this board but from my personal opinion and experience hands down the best mask and experience. Chris was responsive - cool to deal with and always responded when I had a question. I got my mask within about a month. I am guessing he had some pulls done and when I had a special request with the paint job he did it and shipped it. Of my 3 masks

Creep - Night Owl - Took about 4-6 months and Justin was very unresponsive. People can say whatever they want but I find that unprofessional. Takes a min to respond to an email. I doubt any of these artists have so many emails they simply cannot keep up. I have tons of email everyday from work and I can get through them. These guys are accepting money so they should be able to respond to an email over the course of a few days or weeks at worst. Pretty ridiculous imo. The Creep was ok - much thinner than the ghost V2 mask. Not as heavy but the paint job was kinda just meh to me. Too white and just didn’t blow me away. Sold it on ebay.

Cemetery gates productions Fear - Terry said this would be about 3 months and it took about 5. He did respond to emails usually a few days later but kept making excuses and delaying the initial wait period. When I eventually got the mask I really wasn’t impressed. I swear the mask looked like a hybrid of the fear and warlock. Was I looking at an H1 or H2?? The hair was COMPLETELY matted down and not even able to be styled. From my interactions with Terry i didnt even bother reaching back out. I have a feeling exactly how that would go and I was not about to deal with that. I am giving the mask to my nephew for xmas who loves Halloween but doesn’t have as high standards as I do. Not really a collector.

WMP - Ghost V2 25 inch dirty paint job - I don’t know what else I can say but again I was blown away by how much I loved the mask and how much different it was dealing with Chris. Yes I have read the “recaster” complaints and all that but I am just being honest when I say I don’t give a shit about any of that. I just wanted a 78 mask that I thought looks most accurate and exactly how I wanted it. Chris delivered on that. Hell the original 1978 movie didn’t even have permission to use that kirk mask lol

all this is subjective but that is my real word experience with the 3 masks and artists.