Why do you like HalloweeN?

Why do you like HalloweeN? Focus on the first original movie if you’d like.

Why has this film touched you so much?

For me, there is just something so primal and freeing about Michael vs. Laurie. That slow build up and then focused hunt. Michael is relentless and Laurie is determined.

Final chase scenes in slasher movies are my favorite thing.

Maybe it touches our primal survival instinct and we’re allowed to act out a skill that we still have but don’t use AS much.

Michaels appearance, his mannerisms, the tone of the movie, the blue lighting, the score, laurie and friends, sheriff brackett, Loomis, and the overall creep factor of the movie. Michael is a stalker slowly circling in on his prey, and in the first movie Michael is practically a normal guy but he’s mentally fucked up which adds realism and grounds it in reality.

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