WORKRITE dying question?

Whats up guys? I was planning on making 2019 coveralls from another pair, but I got a new pair of Royal Blue Workrites on Ebay for $26

I was wondering if anyone has used fabric dye on their Workrite coveralls? I removed the flame retardant/stainguard finish with a strong vinegar bath. But Ive never dyed Nomex material, I read its most similar to nylon so I should be able to dye it with a synthetic fabric dye. Some websites say you need an acid dye to color Nomex?

Has anyone tried to dye their Workrites, either successfully or not? My plan was to lighten the royal blue,
then darken w/ synthetic navy blue, then synthetic “graphite” dye (darker than charcoal but not jet black).
It worked good on my Dakota coveralls, they started H6 grey and switched to Charcoal :smiley:
Here are some pics from the ebay auction, the pocket photo shows the color good
collar snap.jpg

  • Aaron

Update guys, you can dye nomex material :smiley: It takes some steps and patience but it can be done.
My Royal blue workrites are a deep navy/grey right now, When I get off work Ill be doing a charcoal grey dye bath.

Ill make a tutorial with steps and before and after pics, Im about 75-80% done
If you guys have questions ask me here in the thread, i have a few early pics, but I havent done the charcoal dye yet

  • Aaron

A progress pic from yesterday, before they were royal blue. After the first dye bath 4 boxes of orange rit dye.
Orange is opposite of blue on the color wheel so the basecoat is grey/muted blue.
I put my royal blue workshirt next to it for before and after comparison

  • Aaron

That looks fantastic!

Thanks bro! And this is without any grey dye yet :smiley: . Today I’ll be using Rit “Charcoal grey”
I found out you can dye nomex from some Ghostbusters fans who dyed their tan nomex flightsuits grey

  • Aaron

Hi there

Can you explain how you did this? I have sine navy blue nomex II I want to convert to charcoal grey but have no experience.

From what I’ve read, the rit all in one and synthetic wouldn’t work?

Can you explain how you managed to sort it?