'75 Kirk Roll Call!

I have tried to figure out how many '75 Kirks still exist today regardless of its condition as long the face is still intact, if you noticed some were left out please let me know!

  1. Darren’s foam-filled, mint (Big Cat’s Kirk)
  2. Darren’s foam-filled, converted (Primo’s Kirk)
  3. George’s foam-filled, mint with eyes inserted (Mr. Sci-Fi’s Kirk)
  4. Big Cat’s mint with flattened nose, will be foam-filled soon (put on eBay after it was found in a box from Morris Costume Superstore in NC)
  5. Puca’s mint with removed eyebrows due to the HMK project, thick unlike the other '75 Kirks (The Medley Kirk, did the eyebrows get glued back on?)
  6. Bryan’s restored, the 1 on eBay right now (Billy Kirkus’ Kirk, 1 of the Halloween II’s stunt masks)
  7. ???'s converted with rotted neck and bad hair-do, FOAM-FILLED??? (Matt Garrett’s Kirk which was bought directly from Don Post, Jr.)
  8. Ken Hertlein’s unconverted with rotten neck and drooping lip but still looks good (wish the guy wasn’t so exclusive!)
  9. Private owner’s mint (Josh Warren’s Kirk)
  10. Private owner’s Hero (Dick Warlock sold it to “a guy who owns Terror Town in Toledo, OH”, but I personally haven’t comfirmed this to be true)
  11. ???'s converted, in good shape (The Michael’s Basement Kirk, also known as “screen-used HII mask” :unamused: )
  12. ???'s converted, looks good but its latex seems like it was harmed by the paint that was used (only seen this mask in the gallery)
  13. Jake Elliott’s converted, STATUS??? (1 of the Halloween II’s stunt masks)
  14. ???'s converted with bad hair-do 1 OF THE HALLOWEEN II’S STUNT MASKS??? (only seen this in the gallery)
  15. ???'s blank (only seen this in the gallery)
  16. YouTube user’s Don Post “The Mask” prototype, mint condition (was never in the Kirk form but ought to be counted since it came from the '75 Kirk mold)


  1. Jay Allan’s half-converted with eyecuts and removed sideburns and eyebrows, had dry rots on the neck but looked good (may be stolen by Terry Lambert but may have gotten ruined in a clay-press process)
  2. Sean Clark’s ??? Kirk (Sean said it was ruined in an enlargement process but he personally thinks it was stolen and ended up in someone else’s collection and cannot prove that, I know nothing about this particular Kirk since he wouldn’t send me any pics of it so I’m not saying anything)
  3. Bill Malone’s converted, black haired with sideburns and eyebrows (turned up missing, may have been stolen but may have rotten away)

I would like to know more about the number 7, 12, 13, 14, & 15!!!

Very good topic. I’d love to know all the info on the ones left out there.

I bet there’s a dozen or more that we don’t know about stuffed in boxes tucked away in atics all over the country. I’m on the hunt every day for these elusive creatures. One day I’ll find one. :wink:

Yeah i bet there’s plenty Hidden Gems out there somewhere :rolleyes: ,C’mon you know who you are we’re all intrigued to know here :stuck_out_tongue:

I always hope i find one when i go to garage sales! :laughing: Hopefully one day someone won’t know what they have and it shall be mine! :smiley: :rock:

I’LL Trade my Wife in a Heartbeat for one!!! :smiley:

You forgot about Bill Malone’s Kirk/Myers that he lent to Don Post that came up missing. Add that to the list. :wink:

I go Garage-saling with my Uncle, and my Grandmother (literally) every Saturday. We have a few go-to areas that we hit up on a weekly basis. Just in case there aren’t enough sales in our go-to areas, we plan ahead of time, and search Craigslist the night before we go Garage-saling. We look on Craigslist for Neighborhood sales/Estate sales/Rummage sales, and basically every other sale thats within 15-30 minutes outside of our normal Garage-saling area. Then we print the addresses out on a sheet of paper, so if needed, we can put them in our GPS in case the local sales run thin. Typically, we sale from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm. It is my personal mission to find a 75 Kirk, and If this isn’t enough to hopefully, one day score an original 75 Kirk second hand, I honestly don’t know what is. Good luck guys. …ANDY

I believe there are more out there in some boxes, attic, or basement, too! I mean we didn’t even know about Primo’s Kirk or the Medley Kirk, they just came out of the darkness and I’m sure there are more in the darkness. Good luck on your quests, brothers! Andy, that’s a great plan and you have a better chance of finding 1 than me since you live in the California area which is where most of the '75 Kirks were sold, be sure to ask them if they have a mask that they are willing to sell and you may find the holy grail.

Thanks, Billy! I thought that it was long gone but you are right, it did turn up missing. I remember someone saying that he never got the mask back, I will add that to the list of possibilities :sunglasses: I also forgot about another 1, there’s a Don Post “The Mask” prototype that came from the '75 Kirk mold. It was never in the Kirk form but I will count that one too since it came from the '75 Kirk mold :bulb: I need to contact that mask owner soon because I heard that the same owner used to have a '75 Kirk :open_mouth: