Blacked out eyes or visible eyes ?

Which Myers do you guys prefer with blacked out eyes and with visible eyes ?

I’ve always really really preferred visible eyes. It adds a human element that he really needs IMO.

Blacked out, 100%. I’ve never liked visible eyes, aka H20. Visible eyes just makes him look silly, and takes away from his overall look. It also takes away from the mysterious, creepy, evil elements that make him The Shape. If you see his eyes, he just looks like he could be any average Joe dressing up for a Halloween party.

I actually like one eye blacked out and the other eye only half showing (if that mask senses)

Blacked out for me for the most part. I did like some of the visible eye stuff in H2 though :pumpkin:

The eyes in H6 were done the best. Shadowy dark eyes but still glimpses of eye shape in scenes

Blacked out for sure. Eyes make him look too human. He’s supposed to have the blackest eyes…the devil’s eyes.

Depends on the film for me! If I see an H4 mask with eyes in it, then it is totally thrown off for me whereas if I see eyes in an H20 mask I love it. All about accuracy to the film in my book!

As far as just general feel for what is creepiest, mostly black with eyes only visible in some scenes/lighting- like in H1 or H6!

Here’s how I see it: Blacked out eyes, but with a flash of an eye here and there in the right moments. For example in Halloween 2, when it’s on the extreme close up when he stabs the girl with the Elrod knife, you see the crazed eye for just a moment. Then of course for the most part throughout the movie you don’t see any eyes, except a flash here or there. In my opinion that’s the perfect balance as it add just enough human element to an otherwise semi-supernatural being.

He is human, but something about him isn’t quite right, something supernatural, a force of sorts. So in my opinion, I prefer the eyes blackened for the most part, but a hint and glint of eyes here or there just raises the level of what exactly is he? Human? Supernatural? Both? That’s what works for me.

Couldn’t have said it any better

If you’re talking about on film… blacked out. If you’re talking about on display in my house… visible.

They did this in H40, which worked wonders for the most part, especially when Michael gets trapped in the flaming basement. When the basement bursts into flames, you can see The Shapes eyes for just a moment, which give a look of pure emptiness and hatred, along with the dead eye from the coat hanger in 78. Then, it shows the blackness staring up at them, burning and withering away.

Visible eyes. Makes it scarier for me. I’m probably one of the only people who actually liked how much of Michael’s eyes we saw in H20.

Same. I don’t see the logic in the argument that the scary thing about Michael is that he’s human and could be anyone off the street, but somehow not want to see his eyes because that makes him seem human and not like a ghost. I’ve never once bought into the idea that Michael Myers is anything more than an individual with a behavior disorder.


Black eyes are my favorite and scary.


Blacked out eyes for sure, its way creepier to me. It dehumanizes him

I agree, to a certain extent. Yes, Michael is a human man, but in order for him to survive the punishment he receives even in the first movie (stabbed in the neck, eye & chest and SIX bullets pumped into him, falling from the 2nd storey of a house onto his back), there’s a little more going on there than just a cold blooded psychopath. It’s like John Carpenter said, he’s just a man but with a bit of a supernatural undercurrent. There’d have to be, really.

Blacked out eyes with Nick Castles stretch