Ken Hertlein/Dick Warlock Signature Mask Thread

Very informative. This thread was a great idea. Maybe all the newbs out there will take notes.

This #23 - after Sidewinder bought it off me, he had it repainted

Fixed! :smiley:

Roger (“killerpsychomask”) has one that he posts from time to time. Roger, if you’re reading this, would you mind sharing what number you have?

Carlos (“eyes”) owned a copy at one point, but I can’t tell if its Mike’s #22 or an entirely different copy. They’re very similar. Todd (“tola67”) also had one but, much like Carlos’ copy, I have no idea as to what number it is or the current whereabouts of the mask.

Random fact: I am at least the 9th owner of copy number 4. :laughing:

Now THIS…is a thread. AMAZING info and great stuff all around.
My Ken & Andrew’s SLE retool AKA the “Image”

Original Owner; John (xpscyhopath)
Current: ME

This mask will never leave my hands ever.


Jim: Thanks, dude. Your Image mask is wonderful!

Hugo: Yep, I had a hunch that Mike, Todd, and Carlos all owned the same copy. Thank you for clarifying that! How did I forget about Nik’s copies?! I almost ended up with his rehaired gold signature copy before pulling the trigger on number 4. I will get the initial post updated with the information relating to Nik’s number 9 and Pete’s lucky number 13 and, in the meantime, I’ll see what I can find out about his rehaired gold signature copy. Thank you so much, man! Your photos and mask are lovely, by the way! :drinkers:

Great idea and terrific thread! I may know where a few more are but I’ll have to check my list…if I can find it, lol. It has been a while but I did some tracking with Hugo. Great shots everyone and love to see more.

I would love to see one with the SLEs too but I’m afraid it would get ugly…unfortunately

When I had the #5 and #2

No problem Frankie. Whoa! Sick shots Matt! :open_mouth:

Oookay, I plugged in Nik’s rehaired gold signature tentatively at number 6. It will remain there until we know more about number 8. 6 is a logical place to put Nik’s rehaired copy, assuming the gold inscription is genuine, because we know that #7 has a gold signature so it’s probably safe to assume that the prior copy does, as well. Number 8, however, is a mystery. Nik’s number 9 and Pete’s lucky number 13 have also been added!

Matt, any assistance you can provide would be immeasurably appreciated! Your #2 is stupendous! Crazy how close the #5 and #2 are when placed next to one another! :open_mouth:

Wonderful thread…a real treat to read this! Great mask Frankie

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Hey I noticed a few of these masks have a lot of flesh tone on the neck and some a lot of white. I thought they were all supposed to be uniform in the look and paint job with the KH/DW masks?

Lovin this thread :sunglasses:
Hope it keeps up :drinkers:

Awesomeee thread!!! My good buddy Big Cat owns the #13 copy and here is a pic I have had that he said it was okay to post. It is his KH DW #13 next to his DP 75 Kirk!!!

My KH/DWs wanted to say hi!!! First two I just took real quick of the gold sig and the last 2 I had stored but didn’t know if I posted them before or not!

Great collection of photos. And congrats on the pickup, buddy. :rock:

First a great TOTS thread pops up and now this gem of a thread! Keep the eye candy flowing guys! :myers: :myers: :drinkers: :drinkers: :drinkers: :drinkers: -Tom

Great thread, Frankie. Never really was a big fan of the KH/DW but after reading this thread and seeing all the great copies, I would love to own one some day! Congrats to you and all the other guys that have one!!!

I was the original owner of # 8. It then went to Sheriff Brackett, in a trade. He then sold it to whomever. The guy posted photo’s of it years ago on here, then vanished. There are photo’s of it in the gallery. Photo’s that I took when I owned it. Photo’s of it when Josh owned it. Including a side by side photo with his old Kirk.

Thank you for the clarification, Chris! I have since added the comparison photo to the initial post. :slight_smile:

Looks like we’ve accounted for 21 ( :open_mouth: ) of the 30 to 33 copies made! Still waiting on a reply from Roger. Will update the initial post with whatever he is able to provide in relation to his copy.

Fantastic thread , Frankie :smiley:

Whoa MJ_23 your friend is extremely lucky, I feel like I’m the only one who caught that pic of the DP75 Kirk! Its in incredible shape too! All these KH/DW’s are amazing as well… I personally think they look bad@ss with the H1 finish on them! Great thread Frankie!