M-M.NET and my thoughts on mask collecting.

In the 2 years I have participated on this forum I without a doubt have made some good friends and for that I am glad I found this place. This hobby has a way of letting you know who your real friends are. I still love the HALLOWEEN movies and will always love them but I have to say that I just don’t have that same passion I came here with concerning MASK collecting. At some point it just fizzled :laughing: I have 3 masks that I am very happy with but have no desire to even pursue further collecting. I have asked myself why and can only come to this… The passion that exists in this hobby tends to divide people and I see it here everyday. One guy will post up something and only his “click” will chime in and celebrate in his enjoyment. Its just gotten to the point with me at least that I find myself coming here less and less. I almost think I was better off when I had no clue what NAG , NIGHTOWL , CGP , JC , AHG , WMP and all the rest meant and I was wide eyed and new to the hobby and was just glad to be seeing what new masks were being posted up. :laughing: Its sad but true. I realize there is no changing this and either ignore it and try to enjoy the hobby or gracefully bow out and move on. This thread is in no way meant to attack anyone it is just something that has been on my mind and wanted to share my thoughts with the community. Im sure others must feel as I do but just stay silent and thats ok too. Take care. Mike

Hey man’ first of all i have much respect for someone like you who doesn’t shy away and keep things bottled up and speaks his mind truthfully,im so sorry to hear your passion for the hobby has faded and hope whatever your doing now to fill that part of your interests is going well,i myself have found some very nice honest sincere friends since joining the community which im very happy about and i love the knowledge some of them possess with everything relating to the franchise and masks i always seem to be learning in this hobby which im sure many others are too,but my passion has grown over recent years since ive learned more about everything and picked up some nice masks along the way so all in all im very content with my current situation,and as for clicks chiming in,i suppose its only because its the right thing to do if its a buddy to be quite honest,as im sure you’d want your friends to be happy for you if you scored a new piece or posted up some costume shots etc,but i’d like to hope your passion will return to how is was my friend sincerly.


Another one bites the dust… :confused:

Sad to see you “go” Mike.

I can relate, I’m actually getting a little bored myself after 3 years, I don’t see myself coming to the forums as often as I used to, maybe when Halloween comes closer I’ll have the Myers bug again.

It comes in waves for me. Sometimes I’m way into the collecting thing for awhile, then I get burned out and get into something else for a couple months and then come back to it. I think it’s totally normal and natural. Sometimes I’ll be all over working on the website and improving it for a few weeks, and then other times I’ll do the minimum. Right now I happen to be into the site improvement and collecting state of mind :slight_smile:. Either way - I wish you luck in finding your next passion and hope to see you around!

Not planning on leaving M-M.NET all together Matt. I just don’t find myself as interested as I have been in the past for the reasons I posted. Thanks for your thoughts though. Mike

That’s why I put go in quotations, because you’re not leaving. You’re just taking a step or two back.

I’m not saying I’m god of this forum or anything but I feel like I’m the only person on this forum who has stuck around and been as passionate as ever since the day I started. I haven’t been here since the beginning, but I’ve seen so many people go and for the life of me I personally do not understand why people have such a short journey here.

Hey Mike and All,
Same Feeling here. “This” Hobby DEFINATELY goes in cycles for me. I am a TRUE DIEHARD HALLOWEEN NUT, but that is not only Collecting Myers Masks. I Love anything to do with Halloween! You can see from my video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Snry5AvjFlg I love to SCARE PEOPLE. Unfortunately, my video does not show the most Important Character in my haunt which is me :smiley: , but this years video WILL!!! Now what Lures me to the Hobby of Collecting Myers Masks is Nothing Screams more to me Halloween than “HALLOWEEN” / Myers. Just watching the movie for the 1,000,000,000 time makes Everything GOOD!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: And then I have to always try to get “that” certain Mask that recreates whatever scene that I’m Hooked on at the time. Its Crazy, how many masks does one have to own. :unamused: But thats what happens, at least in my case! What does damper to this particular hobby is the Opinionated people. Hey You don’t like what I post, move on, and no reason to put your two cents in. I try to liven this place up alittle with some of my replies, meaning response pics I post and such, most like it some don’t. I don’t really care. I have very thick skin! All in All, I love this site and Enjoy Majority of the people on here. THANKS DEREK!!! Bob

I wish I knew you better, I wish I knew alot of people better. I’m glad your letting what you feel really come out. Take Care :slight_smile:

i just buy the most accurate mask i can while trying to be cool with everybody, forget clueqes (or however its spelled)

Since I would never subject myself to Facebook, I come here to read facts and opinions about MM. Since I could care less about what a movie star did last night or what a sports star had to eat yesterday, I don’t twitter either. I come here to learn things that I never knew before about the Halloween movies. For example, a gentleman wrote a post a few weeks ago about how he was a part of the production of the first couple Halloween’s, and how he wasn’t happy about the direction the movies were headed. I will always go to my “Favorites” and click on MM.Net for a good read and all the awesome pics that everyone posts. :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: By the way, can anyone tell me who that person was who was a part of the Halloween production and what was the post under?

I find that im the same way my friend… But it certainly comes in waves, back and forth, as Derek mentioned. I love everything about Halloween and most of all MM. This is a great community for the most part. Im on here almost everyday making sure im not missing anything, but find myself hardly ever posting replies. I think ill always have some passion for MM masks and collecting, but most of all Halloween. So that will keep me comming back here for the foreseeable future… Cheers everyone and have a great weekend :drinkers: :rock:


I’ve been away for sometime, life just has a habit of presenting things that come first - for me, i’ve just purchased my first home and have been mad busy since the beginning of the year, but, the year is moving on quickly, and Autumn is approaching, my interest is slowly coming to the front the closer we get to the fall.

I’ve been a Halloween fanatic since childhood. My love of collecting comes from my love of the holiday in general, not just the movies. My tastes haven’t changed to this point, so I don’t think I’ll ever tire of my mask and action figure collections. I often ask myself why I have this love for the stuff of my childhood, and I haven’t come up with a good answer yet. I guess when it comes right down to it, I’m just an overgrown kid.

I have been a Horror Fan since birth. I will always be one. Just like Mike stated I have made some really good friends here :smiley: . On the flip side there are people here that I don’t care for or care to comment on or deal with in any way, which is how I know some feel about me and I accept that. I’m not trying to sound negative. It’s natural, normal human behavior when you get this many people together in one place talking over the internet expressing extremely emotional opinions about one character that we all feel so passionate about. You can’t prevent it. I personally think it would be a completely different situation if we were not all trying to decipher what the infliction or tone of each other’s writing was during a debate or discussion. Just like this post from me. You could take this post in many different ways. Some may say I’m full of crap and we all need to get along all of the time. Others may think man, this dude is dead on. It’s just personalities. I think for the most part everyone shows each other the up most consideration but there are those times when you or the other guy just isn’t going to budge :angry: . It’s tough when you’re not verbally communicating. This is why I do have to take a break from the boards every so often :rolleyes: . I also feel that it gets kind of repetitive and stale, same pics over and over or same topics. You can also feel when “the wave” is getting ready to hit or when it’s getting tense in the neighborhood :unamused: .

Although I do take a breather from the boards time to time, that doesn’t mean that I take a break from Horror or Collecting. The boards don’t affect how I feel about my collecting passion or Horror. I collected before the boards and I’ll collect after them if it ever comes to that.

I LOVE Myers.net and look forward to logging on…but yes there are times when I need my alone time :smiley:
Nick :drinkers:

Thanks for the all the replies guys it is much appreciated. Nick… you really put it in a nutshell bro. Thank you for that. Your reply really sums it up. Mike

Thanks Mike…I hope you feel better my friend :smiley:
Have a great weekend
Nick :drinkers:

I’ve felt like this for years.

yea, i have my buds on here just like i have my buds that i hang out with all the time here in michigan. like Nick said, it just human nature. there are even some threads that my buds on here post that i won’t post on because i either do not like the piece or i do not like the maker of the piece & refuse to support it or the maker of it with a comment. i try not to ever be negative and if the post doesn’t not interest me i will just leave it be. if someone takes offense to me not posting on their thread, well then that is just fine too. i am not here to argue, i am here to enjoy myself. i have a very high stress job and this is one of my escapes. i love it here and on Nightowl, since i found these AWESOME forums i have never got bored or feed up with them. i have been into horror since i was very young and it is part of my being. i understand how it can get you down sometimes Mike, but just leave that behind you and press on brother. i am glad you will be sticking around and all i can tell you is let the dickheads be dickheads and stick with the foundation of this place, which i for one, like to consider myself to be.


While I love the Halloween series. I have to agree with gummi, Its about the holiday mostly for me. Myers and the series ties in real well for me. I find my self sometimes feeling like you do Mike, but then I see all the friends I made and my collection of Myers and Seasonal stuff. The fizzle you speak of doesnt last long.