Next Prop store auction has an h20 mask

In case anyone has $75000 laying around.

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To a guy who knows nothing about the high-end collectible game… the estimation seems… optimistic.

That’s a lot of dough for an ugly mask featured in a whatever sequel.

Don’t '75 Kirks goes for that much?


Shocking price. But, if money were no object …
(I love the Winston mask)

I don’t see $75,000 anywhere in the advertisement. I only see 20-30K in Euros. That’s NEARLY the same as US currency right now, so $20,000-$30,0000. Still, I think you can pick up a '75 Kirk for that. If someone pays 20K+ for that mask… yikes.


It would be a good piece of movie memorabilia to have.

What shocks me most is that this appears to be Darren’s, which I never thought would happen. This breaks his collection of screen used/production used H4-8 collection.

75K price ranges can vary a good bit depending on condition. I think the highest one has sold for (to my knowledge) is 30k? Maybe a little lower?

The estimation is not just optimistic, it will very likely for that if not more. A screen used Resurrection mask was estimated at ÂŁ20,000 - ÂŁ30,000 last year and sold for just shy of $70,000 BEFORE buyers premiums.

These are the prices for high end screen used pieces nowadays. Just take the JGTH hero opening hock for example as well. It sold for $190,000 last year and was estimated at like ÂŁ15,000-ÂŁ20,000.

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Good lord.

I’d buy that for a dollar​:smile::smile:

Yeah, crazy price tag! But damn someone must have a ton of money to purchase something like that!

Kind of interesting to see this mask with that huge neck extension

Man this mask, and movie takes an absolute beating at times. Generally makes me a little sad.

Sorry. I should have been more tactful with my comment. I understand that these movies hit differently for different folks. I think it sort of depends on what the individual was exposed to first, in most instances. I didn’t mean to crap on H20. As far as the mask goes, it’s not THAT bad, honestly. It’s no '75 Kirk on Nick Castle, but it’s not terrible either.

That’s my bad for being insensitive. If you like H20 and the mask, who gives a shit what I or anyone else thinks? You do you.


No need to feel bad dude. We’re cool.

It’s just kinda sad to see so much hatred for it around social media. It shouldn’t affect my feelings on the movie, but it does.

Again, we’re cool dude.

I wouldn’t even explain yourself and worry too much about your opinion on this subject especially. Opinions are of course like assholes and when it comes to opinions on Halloween movies and masks it gets even worst. Some people’s favorite mask and movie are resurrection and some are Halloween 6 and that’s just fine obviously. If you feel the need to knock a specific mask or movie so be it but it shouldn’t in anyway alter someone’s opinion on it that thoroughly enjoys it themselves. That’s one nice thing about being a Halloween fan is seeing others likes and dislikes and how people enjoy the “less popular” of the sequels along with the masks. After the many years of watching the films and following the hobby I’ve come to enjoy every mask and movie for specific quality’s and can see beauty’s in all of it although I of course prefer others over some. I just feel like people are so quick to get into arguments on here over simple personal opinions and be extremely apologetic over simple personal opinions and I’ve never understood it.

I guess I felt the need to say I’m sorry because most of us frequent this site to find like-minded individuals and to share in our enthusiasm for our favorite movies.

H1 is quite literally one of my favorite movies of all time. Top 3. It’s the only film in the franchise that I watch and enjoy regularly.

I’m fortunate in the sense that I have the luxury of coming here and never being disappointed or feeling like my favorite movie is universally hated by other fans of the franchise. It’s quite rare to find anyone around here that doesn’t like, or at the very least, appreciate H1. That would suck pretty hard to come here loving a movie in the franchise, hoping to share in that excitement (especially this time of year) with other nerds that are like you, only to have your favorite movie shredded constantly.

That’s all.

I watched H20 last night for the first time in about 7-8 years. I let my 10 year old daughter watch it for the first time, and after it was finished she said “Dear Lord Dad that was a stinker, why did you make me watch that Myers movie” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I had no idea the neck on that was so long. What on Earth would be the reason for that?

There was a neck extension that went down under the shirt/coveralls. It was just a part of the original mold. The one on that hero is actually trimmed quite a bit. Heres a photo of another production mask with even more of the neck extension left on.

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I love the movie personally but that was hilarious :joy:

I couldn’t have explained it better myself. A similar thing has happened to several fandoms I was a part of.

I’m a huge fan of Batman in general. As a kid in the 2000s, I loved watching the Batman and cartoons, and reading the comics.

Unfortunately once The Dark Knight came out, the majority of the Batman fandom started declaring this was the definitive version of Batman and the Joker, and that every previous version of was complete garbage.

During this time period, if you wanted to have a discussion about Batman that wasn’t Dark Knight trilogy related, you would’ve been out of luck. For that time span, The Dark Knight trilogy was the only Batman related thing talked about in a positive way. The only time the other versions were brought up, they were completely torn apart.

After a while, I completely lost any enthusiasm for the Batman franchise, and stopped watching anything Batman related for several years.
Thankfully though, since the mid 2010s it’s seemed to have calmed down.

Another franchise I loved watching, and grew up with were the X-Men movies.

Unfortunately when the MCU grew in popularity, it’s fandom started attacking the X-Men films. According to them every X-Men movie was horrible, and that Fox should give the rights back to Marvel.

Didn’t matter where on the internet you went. It could be Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit. It wouldn’t matter. Every single video, and post about the X-Men movies were ripping them to ripping to shreds, and chanting for Fox to give the rights back to Marvel.

Once Fox was bought by Disney, there was a massive celebration on every platform.

Eventually I stopped watching the X-Men movies all together. Just like how I lost enthusiasm for Batman, the same thing happened with X-Men as well.
Last month was the first time in years I sat down to watch one of the X-Men films.

Regarding Halloween H20. I haven’t been able to watch H20 for the past year.

Anytime I feel like re-watching H20, I’m always reminded of how despised the movie is now. I’ve heard about his eyes, cgi mask, California setting so many times. I can’t sit down to watch the movie without thinking about those things now.