Prefer the previous version

People don’t understand your genuine passion. Most complaints have been people who joined after H40. Being here for 24 years; before phpBB, you had us all in a chat room basically. This is like that on steroids.

Speaking as a veteran in the hobby, us older heada enjoyed the old look due to nostalgia. The advancements on Facebook were great, but after [whichever scumbags] reported the MMnet group, I lost interest.

This feels hopeful and honestly after installing tbe browser add-on is much more simple to be notified of messages more promptly. Most people would’ve walked away after the sale a few years ago. You didn’t, and are a staple of this community. I hope you stick around no matter what man. This will always be family.

I’ve been off the site for a number of months and just decided to check it out again and come back…what the frick has happened to this place? It’s HORRIBLE now! Can we go back to the previous version please. It was far easier to navigate and far better overall. This current version feels like we’ve taken a step back to 2005.

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