The Definitive Guide to Every Mask In the Halloween Franchise

Being an avid community member and mask collector, I often find myself and other fans constantly researching every single mask that relates to the movies. However, I have never seen a definitive list. Often when the info is out there it’s split into different articles, posts, etc. So instead of having to go through all that work, I decided to write this thread as a guide/go-to for fans and collectors like me. Let’s get into it!

Halloween (1978)
As most fans already know, Tommy Lee Wallace (Supposedly) converted three Don Post “Captain Kirk” masks. One hero, and two stunts. These quick conversions were noted to be super spooky when tested in pre-production. This mask also cemented the icon known as “The Shape”

The Hero Mask:
One of, if not the most iconic masks in horror history. As previously mentioned, the hero mask was a converted Don Post Captain Kirk mask. Tommy Lee Wallace bought this mask at a costume shop and quickly removed the eyebrows and sideburns, cut the eyes, sprayed the hair with Streaks and Tips, and Spray Painted the mask white with Krylon “Appliance White” spray paint. The spray paint would often rub off as it was used so much during filming, exposing the flesh-colored Kirk mask underneath.

Dean Cundey and his crew, later on, sprayed the mask with a Matte finish to lower the shine of the spraypaint so it didn’t affect the lighting too much. I’ve also heard rumors that the crew actually added blue paint to the mask to soften it in the blue lighting, and they also put clown makeup on the mask to hide some of the grime that would accumulate on the mask, however again those are just rumors, and they most likely aren’t true. :roll eyes:

School Scene Stunt
With large eye cuts, heavy flesh tone exposure, and blondish hair, it’s easy to notice this stunt mask was used the most throughout production and was most likely converted sloppier than the others. Used in the school scene, unmasking scene, and would later appear when Jamie Lee hosted SNL. Grime accumulated a lot on the eyebrows of this stunt mask, often giving the illusion that it has painted eyebrows when it doesn’t.

Unused Stunt
While seemingly not used in the film, this stunt mask was made for production and has caused quite a stir in the Myers community. With its cleaner look, nice eye cuts, and dark hair, this mask is often used to support the “Don Post” origin story. This mask would later return for H2.

Nichols Hardware Store
These masks have almost gone completely under the radar of the community.

1963 Clown
Worn by young Michael when he murdered Judith, the clown mask is shrouded in mystery. This mask is most likely made by Cesar.

Unused pre-production Masks
These masks were considered for Michael to wear but ultimately didn’t make the final cut.

Halloween II (1981)
After the success of the first Halloween, a sequel was inevitable. And thus, more masks ensued.

The Hero Mask
After the first Halloween wrapped, Nick Castle took the hero mask home with him and displayed it on his fireplace mantle. The heat and smoke from the fireplace would severely affect the mask, causing it to yellow, collect dust and dirt, and misshapen. Ultimately Nick Castle would give the mask to Debra Hill for the production of H2, and would never get the mask back. The mask would gain grime on the forehead, nose, and mouth from usage as the spray in the hair was very runny and the white spray paint on the mask sticky. The dirtier mask along with Dick Warlock wearing it made it almost look completely different, and for the longest time fans thought it was a different mask until more analysis came along.

When the hero was stabbed in the neck, the film crew added a Bicycle patch behind the hole to prevent ripping and rotting. Also, at one point during filming, the neck had torn on the mask and was quickly repaired. If you look closely, you can see the neck repair in a few scenes.

The Stunts
After 1978, Debra Hill would go on to keep both stunt masks at her house. While it isn’t known how she kept them, it’s evident both masks were extremely worn out when they were brought back for H2. The school scene stunt would go on to be the mask used for the burning scene.

The unused stunt would return as well, for the infamous Blood Tears scene. You can really see Debra didn’t take good care of it.

A day after H2 was released, a friend of one of the crew members had borrowed the blood tears stunt to wear at a Halloween party. The next day the friend had returned the mask and it hasn’t been seen since. I’ve heard rumors this mask is being kept at Debra Hill’s estate but I honestly don’t know if that’s true or not. It is very well likely this mask could still be out there.

The Tramers
Two Tramer masks were made from the Kirk master mold and finished by the Tharps (Rob and Cathy). Rob Tharp had painted the Tramer masks a light blue and then was requested by the film crew to lighten the paint a bit as they didn’t like how blue the mask was. Rob then slightly oversprayed the masks with white. According to Dick Warlock, both masks were destroyed during filming.

The Backups
During the pre-production of H2, there was a huge scramble to get the right mask for the film. Before Debra Hill had gotten in contact with Castle, a crew member would actually get in contact with Don Post and ask them to help out with the mask situation. This resulted in a box of 3 “Myers” masks being sent. Dick Warlock recalls these masks being Kirks, however, Don Post employee Rob Tharp claimed they were converted Myers masks. These masks would ultimately be left unused for the film.

Halloween III (1982)
After the supposed death of Michael Myers in Halloween II, Carpenter and Hill wanted to go in an anthology direction with the franchise. This entry would be about an evil mask company, Silver Shamrock Novelties. They created “The Big 3” to kill every child in America.

The Pumpkin
Made especially for H3, the pumpkin mask was a collaborative effort between Don Post studios and Tommy Lee Wallace. This mask ends up being the most iconic in the film.

The Skull
The skull is a classic Don Post mask and would end up being used for the film. However, it was the large version.

The Witch
Also known as “Hagatha” the Witch mask would not only be used for the film but also end up being used for the iconic trailer.

Cameo Masks
A large number of Don Post masks make a small cameo in the Silver Shamrock factory tour scene.

Halloween IV (1988)
After the failure of Halloween III, it was clear that Michael Myers needed to return. And he did! And with a new mask.

The Hero
The origins of this mask are a bit weird… Someone claims it’s a recast/retool of a leftover mask from Halloween 2, someone claims Don Post made the mask, and the list goes on. What’s for sure though it has Shatner lifecast lineage.

The making of this mask was extremely rushed through. The eye cuts were constantly enlarged, the mask had to be resprayed with white paint as the paint would chip off constantly, and the mask was extremely tight on stuntman George Wilbur’s head! This caused the mask to look extremely distorted and goofy, and it’s often cited as one of the worst masks in the franchise.

The Stunt
Used for several stunt scenes, this mask is currently owned by Paul Knot.

The Fangoria Mask
During the production of H4, Ken Horn gifted Fangoria one H4 mask to be used for promotional shots, etc. Over time this mask would get severely beat up, often having dirt on it and flesh tone exposed. Fangoria would constantly respray the mask with white paint and spray the hair over and over. This effort resulted in the mask’s paint looking extremely bumpy, and the hair being extremely clumpy.

The School Scene Kirk
One of the biggest blunders in this film. This mask was used for one scene and only one scene. Working late at night, this scene was one of the first scenes filmed featuring Michael’s mask. At the time Ken Horn was not a part of the production and this was the only mask the production crew was using.
After this scene was shot, it would end up being left in the movie because it was too late to reshoot. It has been confirmed this mask was the leftover mask from H2, and it’s very likely this is one of the backup masks Don Post did for H2.

It’s very likely this mask was later converted and reappears when Michael is ambushing the Kelly Meeker house as well.

Vincent Drug
Several masks can be seen alongside Uncle Boogeyman’s mask.

The Clown Mask
Part of the clown costume that’s worn by Jamie for a good majority of the film. This mask is mostly one of those cheap “Bandit” masks converted.

The Bullies
Cheap Ben Cooper mask worn by Jamie’s bullies, the real antagonists of H4. :laughing:

Halloween V (1989)
After the success of Halloween IV, Halloween V was rushed instantly into production, which resulted in a poorly made and received movie. The mask was no exception from this bad effort.

The Hero Mask
Often cited as the worst mask in the franchise, KNB FX made this mask after stuntman Don Shanks could not fit his head into the H4 mask. After the mask was made, producers thought the mask looked “too feminine” and thus a nose/lip appliance was added onto the mask to give it an angrier look. The main mask was made from Greg Nicotero’s life cast and the appliance was cast off of Don Shanks.

The Brute
Not much to say about this one, this mask was found in a store and ended up being used for the car scene in which Michael Disguises himself as Tina’s boyfriend. This mask was made by Rudel.

Halloween VI (1995)
After the backlash of the previous mask, the studio knew they had to make up for the mistakes and step their game up. MMI FX team would be brought into production to make a new mask.

The Hero
MMI based this mask off the Halloween 4 cover mask and gave the mask a “Goblin” look. This mask was also sculpted on George Wilbur’s lifecast, which is why it looks somewhat like him in a few angles.

The Reshoot Mask
After the studio called for reshoots, an angry FX artist thought it would be a good idea to rub harmful chemicals into the H6 masks. This lead to the masks being completely distorted and unusable. Below is an example of what the chemicals did to one of the H6 masks.

Brad Hardin reinforced one of the masks with the least damage, which resulted in what is the Reshoot mask.

BTS Myers
A rather weird mask. In the BTS footage for H6 a person, most likely a crew member is suited up in a completely different Myers mask. This mask is actually a flawed and unused pull from Halloween 4. How or why it was on the H6 set is unknown.

Halloween: 20 Years Later (1998)
After the franchise was driven into a rut with Halloween 5 and 6, the studio wanted to revive the Halloween franchise after the success of SCREAM. Halloween 7 would end up ignoring all the movies past Halloween II and start its own timeline. However, this movie is known for its infamous mask fiasco.

The H6 mask
Used for the opening scene in H20, this H6 has a longer neck and slightly shorter hair. The film crew went behind Miner’s back and shot the opening of the film with this mask. This mask would not be used for any other scenes as Steve Miner had already commissioned Stan Winston to make a new mask for reshoots.

Steve Miner and JLC absolutely hated the mask in H6, so they wanted a new mask. This need resulted in the KNB mask, which was used for the entirety of the film until reshoots were necessary.

The Winston
During the dailies, Jamie Lee Curtis famously said “That’s not Michael Myers!” This would cause production to go in a scramble and ultimately ANOTHER mask was made, the Winston mask. This mask was mainly used for close-up shots. Two masks were made, beheading Hero, and the worn hero which had a neck extension.

The CGI Mask
Oh boy, probably the worst mask in this film. The studio didn’t have the time or money to reshoot one scene so they overlayed a CGI Winston mask over the KNB mask. 90s CGI never looked worse.

Don Post 1985 “The Mask”
While never having an appearance on screen, the 85 was a reference for the KNB mask. It also appeared in promotional photos, lighting tests, and more.

H20 Proto
MMI was commissioned to smooth out the Halloween 6 sculpt based on notes and references from the movie director. The job was done in one entire night but was ultimately rejected for production.

Other masks
Many other masks were considered but rejected for the production of H20 as seen here:

Halloween: Resurrection (2002)
H20 brought the franchise to life again! But of course, good things don’t last.

The Main Mask
After the mask mixup in H20, it can be assumed that the studio did want to go through with that again. Cinema Secrets was hired to make a new mask for resurrection. This mask was based on the Winston mask.

Merry Clown
Worn by Harold, this mask was only used for the opening scene in the movie. This mask was made by Cesar.

End Scene
A retool of the main hero mask sculpt, this mask was used for the ending of Halloween Resurrection. Slight adjustments (Axe wound added) were also done for an alternate ending.

Halloween (2007)
The franchise ultimately hit a rut again. With the remake craze in the 2000s, it was inevitable that Halloween would make its return in the remake form. Rob Zombies remake would bring us unique and interesting masks to the table.

The Scarred
Made by Wayne Toth. After Michael escapes smiths grove, he breaks open the floorboards and retrieves his old mask. Cast off stuntman Tyler Mane’s face, this mask is rotting and completely grimey. It’s a nice callback to the original mask as well.

The Clean
The Clean version was worn by young Michael when he kills Judith. Many fans argue this mask should’ve been used for the entire film.

The Clown Mask
Found on eBay and recast, the clown mask is an old Collegeville “Circus Clown” mask. This is worn by Michael up until he kills Judith.

The Cell Masks
Michael has a boatload of handmade masks in his cell, most notably the Pumpkin mask he wears when he escapes Smiths Grove.

Dennis Beckstrom’s DB2
The DB2 is a ground-up replica Captain Kirk mask sculpted by Dennis Beckstrom using several many references and is often considered to be the holy grail mask for indie collectors as it had an extremely small production run. While I have not been able to find much info on this, apparently Rob Zombie considered using the DB2 while Dennis was working on it. I can assume that in the end they didn’t want to use an already existing look and went on to make the scarred masks.

Halloween II (2009)
Rob Zombie had to churn out a sequel to his popular remake. This entry has more masks.

Nightmare Mask
Worn by Michael in Laurie’s hospital Nightmare, this mask is bloody, ripped up, and soaked in rain.

The Aged
A retool of the H1 scarred mask. This mask has a lot of rotting and aging.

The Ripped Aged
When Michael attacks the stripper at the Rabbit in Red lounge, she rips off a piece of the aged mask, which completely exposes a part of hobo Michael’s face.

Nightmare Oddballs
I’m sure you didn’t notice these guys! These are nightmarish masks that are briefly featured in one of Lauries many Trauma fueled nightmares of the film. Blink and you’ll miss them! Unfortunately I have only two photos of these masks, and no info on who sculpted them. However, from some research it seems Jamie Grove was the one who finished all three of them.

Halloween (2018)
In 2018 the franchise was revived once again, this time with a much cooler mask.

The Hero
DISCLAIMER: At the current point in time there is no confirmation on who owns the hero mask. The hero part of this is based on word of mouth as for right now. Once there is a definitive answer along with pictures the real deal hero mask will be confirmed here. Take this part with a grain of salt.
After the many derivatives of the original mask, Justin Mabry and Christopher Nelson went back to the basics and tried their best to bring back what we saw in 78 with an aged look. Mabry sculpted this mask over James Jude Courtney’s lifecast. It’s hard to call one of the masks a “hero” as there were multiple main masks used for the film, this particular copy was used the most throughout filming though. Interesting fact: The hero and other screen used H40 masks had velcro and double-sided tape around the sides of the neck to help hold the coverall collar up.

The Castle Mask/Promo Mask
Often confused to be the hero mask. This mask was used for Nick Castle’s one-scene cameo. This mask was also used for several promotional photos.

The Aaron Mask
This mask was used by Aaron in the opening of H40 and used in the shower scene. This mask was likely used for other scenes as well. This was mask was also used for the poster.

The Gunshot Mask
The mask is used when Karen shoots Michael in the face. Nuff said.

The Silicone Mask
Unused for the movie. This mask is a silicone version of the H40 mask especially made for the end scene when Michael is right in the middle of the blaze. The crew didn’t use this mask because they thought the molded hair looked unrealistic.

Halloween Party
Several masks are worn by teenagers at the Haddonfield Halloween Party. All of the following are masks made by Zagone Studios.

Don Post/PMG 2006 Myers
This makes a very small cameo for a few seconds in the film. It is the mask featured in the evidence files.

Trick Or Treat
In 2012, Don Post Studios would reproduce their iconic H3 set. This set would end up being used for three trick or treaters in the film.

Clean mask
Originally intended for the 78 flashback scene written in a draft of the 2018 script, this mask is an unaged version of the H40 mask.

Nightowl Creep
Only used for a costume fitting. At the time production did not have a mask, so Ryan Turek supplied a Nightowl Creep from his collection.

The JTK is one of the many H1 replica masks made by Chris Morgan. Originally owned by Daniel Farrands, Malek Akkad was given one and it has been used for various events and promotional images.

WMP The One (Later retooled into the Ghost '78)
After Malek Akkad took a severe interest in Chris Morgan’s works, Chris came very close to making the Myers mask for H40 multiple times. Originally sculpted to appear in Halloween Returns, The One is one of the many replica H1 masks under the WMP name. After Halloween Returns fell through, Chris, later on, submitted The One again to be considered for use in Halloween 2018. The studio ultimately rejected it, saying they did not want a direct 1978 mask recreation.

Halloween KILLS (2021)
Stemming off the success of Halloween 2018, KILLS serves as a sequel to the events of that movie, taking place mere minutes after the ending. In this film, Michael’s mask is severely burned on one side, which reflects the far more aggressive and gritty direction this movie goes in.

The Hero Mask
NOTE: Similar to the H40 mask, it is incredibly hard to point out which mask is which, so please take my info on what mask is which with a grain of salt.
The burned/main mask is a slight retool of the 2018 mask sculpture. Now with burned left profile, the mask also has a slightly smaller gunshot wound in the mask, and it has been noted there were also some other slight adjustments done to the sculpture to make it seem more accurate to the original Captain Kirk mask.

The Castle Mask
Mask used for Nick Castle’s very brief cameo scene, which, unfortunately, was cut from the theatrical release of the film.

The Karen Kill Mask
Again another burned mask, however, this mask was specifically used for Karen’s death scene and possibly the mob death scene. This mask is featured to have a severe amount of blood on it, which was later removed from the mask when Chris Nelson did modifications to it (It’s now the mask he brings to conventions, with the extra burn detailing)

The Flashback Mask
For the infamous flashback scene featured in KILLS, Christopher Nelson and Vince Van Dyke brought in sculptor/FX artist Daniele Tirinnanzi to sculpt a recreation of Michael’s original mask from the 78 film. While it is meant to be the same mask (A NAG Castle was even used for reference) the mask has quite a few liberties taken with it to help it mesh better with the rotten/burned masks featured in 2018 and Kills. For what it is, it’s very cool in my opinion.

H3 Trio
Just like H40, the H3 trio makes a cameo in this film as well, although a bit more prominent. Initially seen with some prankster trick or treaters, these are later put on the bodies of some of Michael’s recent victims. Not anything too special here, as these are just TOTS H3 masks with blood splattered on them.

This is it, guys! I’m really happy with how this came out. Hope you all enjoy it, will be updating this when necessary. See you all for Halloween ENDS next! :Myers:

Cool post!!
Are you doing every mask seen. On film or every mask made? Because depending on the answer there may be some missing

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Every mask associated with the films. On screen and off. I’m aware there are a few missing, right now the bullies from H4 aren’t on here, and some miscellaneous masks like stunt masks.

On the H5 section you have a photo of Don’s mask right below an image of the hero, but dons mask is the stunt :slight_smile: I have a post outlining the 7 H4 masks that you’re more than welcome to use as well :slight_smile: if it’s coming down to every made made for production I have a list of the RZ masks too if you’d like it.

By the way, an excellent job with identifying background masks as well.

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Thanks for the feedback , i’ll work on the thread a bit more when I can. I didn’t really wanna get too deep into stunt masks, this post was meant to sort of focus just on the much more key masks. We’ll see though.

Gotcha, it was the “every mask associated with the films” answer as well as main screen used masks negated for background non-myers masks that made me think it was every mask and not just the key items, sorry for the misunderstanding man :slight_smile:

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Great post! I wasn’t aware that Don Shanks was originally supposed to wear the H4 mask in H5, cool to know :slight_smile:

Excellent post! I especially love the IDs on the background masks! Great attention to detail.

One question I do have is about the photo you have of the H3 pumpkin.

Was this an original DPS movie mask, or a later reproduction? I notice it has mesh in the eyes and mouth and I didn’t think the H3 pumpkin masks had that. The Pumpkin mask in the pic above this image doesn’t appear to have the mesh. I wonder if this was something that was, for some reason, unique to this particular mask.

Here’s the correct reshoot mask for H6.
It was one of the masks that had the least damage. Brad Hardin was able to save it by putting it back in the master mold and adding extra latex to reinforce it.
Debra had took home two of the known stunt masks. The pic of JLC wearing it is said to be taken at Debra’s home.
From what Dick Warlock told me, only one stunt was on set and another source confirmed that the other stunt still resides somewhere on Debra’s estate…
The whole story of the mask(or masks) under her bed in a shoe box before shooting H2 is misinformation that had gone wildly outta control.
Debra had stated she took home the Hero everyday after Dick wore it on set “during” H2 and kept it under her bed to keep it safe.

Also H20 was shot first with the KNB.
It was during dailies that someone had mentioned “That’s not Michael’s mask”…This was actually JLC(recently confirmed).

The crew went behind Miner’s back and brought in the H6 mask from MMI and shot the opening. Not only was Miner dissatisfied with the crew for bringing this particular mask, he had already commissioned the Winston crew to make the V2, the final mask used for the reshoots.
There were two masks used for the reshoots. the primary Hero and the second Hero used for the decapitation scene. The primary Hero had a longer neck.

You should also add that the H5 was made using KNB’s Greg Nicotero’s life cast.
The H6 was sculpted on George Wilbur’s lifecast which is why it resembles George’s face in certain angles.
Justin mentioned he sculpted the H40 on JJC’s lifecast.

Last, not sure where it was ever mentioned that 3 Tramers were made.
A senior member had asked the Tharps and had posted stating Rob had made two.
Dick mentioned to me both had burned in the fire.

Wow! Amazing thread dude!!! One of the best forums I’ve seen!

Derek should pin this!

One of, if not the most iconic masks in horror history.

Jason Voorhees has Entered the Chat

Overall nice man! I would love a clean RZ H1 Mask and a Unaged H40 (H18) Mask! anyone know where i can find such things for affordable pricing?

Billy Kirkus has mentioned he has seen a hidden behind the scenes photo that features the film crew wearing three Tramer masks. So I went under the assumption there was three.

By the way, thanks for the help Kaizu. I wrote this entirely in one night so I was waiting for someone to come in and correct me on my info. Everything is fixed up now.

Hey there yes this is one of the original masks on set. The H3 pictures I included are actually rare, they are photos of the mask shop masks.

That’s odd because he was the one that asked the Tharps and posted the quote Rob had sent him that said there were two. Dick did mention there were other “Don Posts” on set to me but had stated they were not Tramers or Myers

no problem!

You should add that the marks on the forehead, nose and mouth are actually from the spray paint on the hair, Warlock would take it off by grabbing the hair and pinching the nose, also that he added velcro to the neck since he hated the neck flaring out when he wore it

Yeah, I did notice that.

A lot of these pics seem to be more uncommon, and they’re putting me right in the Halloween spirit! :pumpkin:

Thanks so much for writing this. It’s going to be a lot of fun to revisit and to read the discussion.