The Definitive H4 Mask???

Hey guys, I’m in the market for a new H4 mask, as I’ve already found my favorite H8. I wanna hear which mask you guys think is the definitive H4 mask that’s out and readily available! Pictures are also VERY welcome!


HSS all the way :rock: :rock:

Check out Dren’s HSS H4 proto finished by Scott / QOTS. Baddest 4 on the board. Pick up a blank from Sam and send it Scott’s way, you’ll be stoked.

I couldnt find Dren’s, I could only find yours.

Heres all you need…

Too kind sir.

In my opinion I love the HSS Crofader. :sunglasses:

Foreshadow 88 by MCS…

So… no one’s going to suggest the QOTS H4 cast off of Crofader’s screen used mask? :confused:

Yeah, I already own the MCS IV by Bryan Hoffman. It’s a pretty nice mask, but I’m pretty sure that I’m about to trade up for a H4/SP from QOTS.

It doesn’t get any closer than that. I have one and I love it!

This is my favorite Red October !

HSS Kirk made into the Brady kill scene H4 mask AND the drug store H4!

I have the brady kill scene H4 and it rules!!

-Big D

I couldn’t agree with you more, D Dawg!