The Doyle house front door..

I’m sure most , if not all of you ppl are aware of the flaw with the Doyle house door in Halloween 1978 …when Laurie first arrives the house the door had windows and obviously for the rest of the film it dosen’t… was this because that scene was actually shot after the rest of the scenes showing the house ? I never new the exact reason of the front door error…

A different house was used for the interior shots than the exterior

No I’m talking about the front door. The exterior changes in the movie. It’s 2 different front doors

Oh that I don’t know. Never noticed

Also if I recall correctly, the door knob is also on the opposite side when Laurie goes inside/outside.

Yeah that’s true

Yes and not only that, look at the door knob…its a crystal closet door knob not a real front door knob :jack_o_lantern:

This is what I was talking about…


That’s interesting

Yea lol you never noticed that before?

No I haven’t but you think that you would lol

Yea that’s a crazy one lol and the thing about it is the front door of the house now has the windows in it like the 1st pic

Up to date …

I knew about the interior/exterior changes for shooting purposes but never heard or noticed this. So strange. How? Why? Details!

Lmaoooo yea I noticed this for awhile but never knew the story behind it …I was hoping someone here would know the story about this :jack_o_lantern:

The house Annie is babysitting at also has things that don’t add up- there doesn’t look to be much on the right side of the house from the outside, but inside they have a big living room to the right.

Yes!! The interior of the Wallace house definitely dosen’t match the exterior :jack_o_lantern:

Weird…I never noticed that!

You never noticed the different door to the Doyle house? Or the interior of the Wallace house not matching up with it’s exterior?