TOTS Myers open lips?!

Has anyone ever seen a tots Michael Myers 2018 mask with a open slit in between his lips? I don’t think I’ve seen that. Is that movie accurate for the 2018 movie?

Yes, open lips are accurate

Don’t remember seeing a opening in between the lips tho

The original H1 mask had an opening… it’s supposed to be the same mask

I’ve been watching the movie and looking at photos and I can’t find anything that shows the new mask with an open slot in between the lips. Everything shows the lips together

The lips were cut on the original mask and this is a known fact. Certain Elrods and H40s have the mouth cut while others don’t. Even with NightOwl masks, I have a Maniac with a mouth slit and another without one. It’s random really but the slit is most definitely accurate

Maybe check that scene where he pulls the mask from the bag to show it to Michael?

The new film masks mostly have sealed lips.

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Most of the hero masks mouths are cut on the masks we’ve seen, but they’re cut very fine, it’s a thin slit. Some of the TOTS 2018 masks have gaping holes in them however

Yep had this issue with my preorder. The mouth was slit at a weird angle and with my head it was always open :laughing:

A small slit is best because you pretty much are in control of if it looks open or not just by facial positioning. Castle stretch with the new mask looks awesome with just a small slit

There are some of each, but for the most part the hero masks appear closed.

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And Nicks hero mask, closed

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The h40 hero was slit… My one issue with the new movie is that the mask fits JJC too well… So it never gets that castle stretch revealing the slit

Which hero are you referring to? The ending hero mask is above (Ryan’s) and it doesn’t have a mouth slit

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Make sure to watch in browser, quality shows super low on the app.

Pay close attention to the mouth when James stretches the mask over his face. If the mouth were indeed slit on this copy, the lips would pull apart and reveal it in this scene.

To my knowledge, the only copy that’s popped up and have an observable mouth slit is the mask fest copy. But I also can’t spot that one on screen.

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That’s the problem. Some of those tots masks have a big open slit in between the lips. And I’m not talking about a little one either. I swear it looks like if you had the mask on you would be able to see your tongue

I know I’ve had a few copies like that :frowning:.

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I saw a slit when I’ve watched the movie. The H1 hero’s mouth was of course slit. And I have seen plenty of pictures with the mouth slit.
myers 2018 hero Nzixgmr.jpg

I’m glad the mouth on my tots is slit. It wouldn’t be the original mask 40 years later if it weren’t for the mouth being split

Anyone know why the black tape or whatever it is is on the side of the neck?