ToTs rehauls, rehaulers and rehaul tips MASTER THREAD

Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum and wanted to discuss a few things regarding my ‘18 mask. I am currently trying to rehaul it and I’m having trouble with the color scheme and painting the fine details/cracks. Can anyone possibly direct me in the right direction and or help me out?!? Much appreciated!

I’m not to experienced with it but from what I hear you should paint the dark black into the cracks first, let dry. Then mix an off white color with liquid latex and apply. Then mix brown and water together and paint into the weathered areas then dab it off with a towel.

With the sudden over flooding of ToTs rehauls and new guys constantly asking questions, feel free to share your rehauls and tips here!

Here’s a few tips I have involving the ToTs Kirk. When doing the eyecuts, if you have the intentions of making it work with a castle stretch, than wear it first, see how the eyes warp, and then mark down where they warp using a marker, then use a dremel and sand down to those lines. Learned this tip from C.A.K. Props. Also, don’t be afraid to make the eyecuts a bit bigger than the guidelines ToTs adds to kirks, the hero in the original had pretty big eyecuts…

I was looking to try my hand at repainting another 2018 mask but they seem a lot harder to peel the factory paint off, and by that I mean almost impossible (without using a dremel). The one I did last year I was able to peel the finish off entirely with my hands. Has anyone else experienced this? What would be another good way to strip the paint off? Thanks!

Yes I will agree, tot’s have thinned their paint down a lot. Either for cost reasons or just to make life harder for us guys painting them. Who knows. You might get an odd mask that is a peeler by hand but it’s very rare with the latest batch.


I messed around with my TOTS 1978 mask and got it looking pretty good. I thought it would be cool to see what everyone else was able to do with theirs. Feel free to post your pics on here.

Great work man! One of the best I’ve seen :slight_smile:

Thanks man it took some time but it’s relatively easy. Its the stock paint and hair as well.

Hi, I’m just wondering how much paint and liquid latex I need for a rehaul. What’s your average usage of these ones?

Looks good man. I love the Tots 78. Here’s on of my rehauls.

Here’s a really dumb question. I just received my TOTS 78 mask and am working on the hair. Do you guys use hairspray to keep the hair in place? I plan on wearing it on Halloween and will obviously be outside. Thanks in advance.

Yeah, also try hairgel if it really won’t stay. And if you’re trying to style it, spray the hair down with light water first, then style it, then use hairspray or hairgel.

I’ll try it. Thanks!

Yes, hairspray or gel will do the trick. Like Le shape said, maybe spritz it with water lightly, with a spray bottle would be best, and then if your using gel just work it in to the hair lightly, then style. Or if using hairspray, I like to hold the mask upside down and get the hair nice and fluffed out, then spray the hairspray up into the hair to really get all of it, then turn the mask upright and start matting the hair down and styling. This way when it dries, the whole thing will hold, instead of just the surface.

Just try to avoid getting the spray directly on the latex. Some over spray will end up hitting t, so just wipe the the mask down with a damp cloth and a dab of soap in order to clean up any over spray on the latex.

I’ll post it here since I couldn’t get an answer in the other thread.

Is there a way to fix that left eye cut?

sure theres a way but idk if it’s worth the time to do it. Its pretty involved. Imo I would leave it as is it’s really not that bad.

This is as big as it’s gonna get, I didn’t like how flat the top was so I made it more rounder at the top, but I think it’s too big. I was planning on making it a bit wider and cut to the right to make it look more oval… but I still think I fucked up. Just in case, does anyone have ways to “redo” eyecuts? I once saw a dude who made the eyecuts on his ToTs 78 smaller somehow… which you could recut them from there.

you have to tape the eye hole partially shut from the inside. This provides a backing for the liquid latex which needs to reapplied in layers to build up the masks thickness. Vaseline or Neosporin is applied to the sticky side of the tape which you can see through the eyecut. This keeps the latex from sticking to it. The trick is to make it seamless. Once your done you simply recut the eye to the desired effect. If theres a transition between the eyecuts edge and the new latex you can use naphtha on a rag to diminish that. But you must quickly use rubbing alcohol after to neutralize the naphtha effect.